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What information is included in Carfax reports?

Using the Carfax report, you can get answers to the following questions:

  • Has the car been stolen?
  • Has there been an accident with him?
  • Number of owners.
  • Has the car been damaged in natural disasters?
  • Did the car participate in auctions?
  • Was the car in disrepair with the need for repair or restoration
  • The technical report contributes to the search for the optimal solution when it comes to choosing and buying a car.

Carfax vehicle history report

First part of the Carfax history report is a kind of abstract containing general data. Here are the characteristics of the vehicle, as well as the following important indicators that you should pay attention to:

  • Vehicle Report: type and model of car, Vin-code, engine type, drive, fuel. The section also contains useful links where you can learn more about auto equipment;
  • Branded Title: This record shows some damage to the car. In this case, it becomes clear that the car after an accident. At auctions, you can find different marks, for example, Clean title, Salvage and others. They are established on the basis of the nature of the damage and title documents;
  • Previous owners: The section indicates the number of previous owners of the car;
  • Damage Report: Basic information about the nature of car damage;
  • At least 1 open recall: The section includes at least 1 manufacturers recall when manufacturing errors are identified;
  • Types of owners: This is a way to use a car - for personal purposes, for rent, in a taxi service, etc.;
  • Last report odometer reading: The part of the report that indicates the odometer (a device that records the mileage of a car based on wheel speeds)
Carfax vehicle history report

Carfax ownership history

Carfax ownership information

On the left side, you can see information about the first owner: date of purchase, duration and type of operation, approximate annual mileage, odometer data during the assessment, city in which the car was used.

The right side of the report contains similar information about the next owner. This gives a complete picture of the condition of the machine and its history, conditions of use.

This information will be needed for those who strive to protect themselves as much as possible from fraud and make sure that the purchase is reliable.

History of car damage

The section contains data on any changes in the condition of the car. Moreover, this information is divided according to the terms of operation by different owners. Thus, you can see what types of damage occurred and under what conditions.

For each owner, a block with detailed data is allocated. Information that is worth paying special attention to is accompanied by the β€œAlert!” mark.

Carfax - car damage history

Additional Information

Carfax additional Information

When the car was with its first owner, it did not get into any traffic accidents. The second owners car was in an accident. Salvage status, which is located in the "General Information" (Vehicle Report), means that the repair of this vehicle in the United States is not profitable. It was this indicator that was the basis for writing off the car by the insurance company.

For example, based on the Carfax history report, the car was assigned the status of Total Loss Reported (non-recoverable). This status emphasizes the fact that the car had serious damage. For example, during a minor impact, an airbag squib could be deployed, causing the insurance company to write off the car. According to the law, such a car cannot move on the road, even if such a problem is easily repaired.

Detailed information

The last section of the Carfax report provides details on the former owners:

  • When exactly was the vehicle purchased?
  • what is the mileage of the car;
  • how long the car has been in use;
  • at which station the car was repaired;
  • other useful information.

It may also contain information from insurance companies and police stations. The rubric contains all the important information that is registered in the database.

Carfax detailed information


Unfortunately not on our site. All cars made before 1981 are not included in our database and are not recorded in regular records.

Our company receives all data from both the US and Canada. If the car was or is located in Canada, then we provide all the necessary information about the history of service, registration, damage, and recalls. Carfax Canada is unique in that it has all the information you need about a vehicle and can also access the insurance company registry. we only sell reports.

If the report begins with "BC VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT CLAIM" or "BC VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT VERIFIED" then all damage, appraisal and insurance information has been entered on the report.

Yes. It is mandatory to use the same VIN number. The number must match both at the time of sending the order and during the redemption period of the report. If an incorrect number is provided, no refund can be given. Only CARFAX verifies the authenticity of the VIN for North American and Canadian vehicles.

Not necessary. Anyone can order a CARFAX report. In order for you to easily order a report, you need to provide an email address and a credit card. You will also need a VIN to generate a report.

After placing an order, you will receive an email within 5-45 minutes, which will contain instructions for creating a report. Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with an order number and a receipt.

If you are unable to order a carfax history report on the page then you should try to refresh the page or go to it again. If you can’t place an order in any way, then you should contact customer support at the support email address.

Carfax refers to a "classic" car as one that was produced before 1981. Our system does not recognize the VIN of a classic car, so when ordering a CARFAX report, you will most likely encounter an error.

VIN is a 17 digit code. This is the vehicle identification number. Each letter and digit of the code has its own meaning, which is decoded by our system. With the help of such a code, we determine the year of manufacture, brand, and other nuances of a particular model. The VIN is an important identifier for the information contained in CARFAX reports. The vehicle identification number is an individual code for a specific vehicle. VIN is single, no two VIN numbers are the same. The VIN-code reflects the individual features of the car, its characteristics.

Basically, the VIN is located on the plate, which is located under the windshield. Another number is printed in the registration documents.

If you have not received an order receipt, then you need to check all mail folders, spam. You should receive an email from our company confirming your order.

There is no alternative to such a report. You should not take risks and purchase any other reports, as they usually do not contain all the necessary information. Your best bet is official report.

This abbreviation stands for National Vehicle Name Information System, which is the reporting entity and serves as a repository for information related to vehicles. NMVTIS can be a tool for warehouse auto-recyclers who need to recheck a vehicle.

Consumers who have an interest in the database Auto check, vin check, car title. This category includes: used car buyers, car dealers, police officers, auto processors, mechanics and insurance companies.

Return policy.

We provide products and services with a 100% guarantee and simple return policies. In case of receiving an error message when creating a report, we will refund 100% of the funds. If you have any questions regarding your order, or the return policy, then you can send all information by e-mail.

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If suddenly you find that you have not received a response, you need to check the junk mail or report it to us through the support form. We answer all emails within 24 hours.

Where can I get a free Carfax report?

When buying a car, you can check each dealer on and As a rule, dealers have already purchased a CARFAX from us and are ready to provide it free of charge. All you have to do is check with the dealer if you can get a free auto fax report. Most of the list contains links to free CARFAX reports.

If you are buying from a private seller, then you will most likely have to buy the report yourself. This is not very convenient, especially if you have not decided on a car yet. However, quite often you can also purchase a report from a private seller for a fee, especially if you were able to save money by purchasing a cheap CARFAX report online.

Legal disclaimer.

Our company does not have contracts with CARFAX Inc that would allow them to distribute their reports. All logos and brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners. This website is not affiliated with CARFAX Inc or any other brand associated with it.

If suddenly the Carfax report is not good enough, and you are looking for a CARFAX report for free, then you can get it only if you buy a car from an authorized dealer.

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